New Year’s Resolutions in February

New Year’s Resolutions in February

Better late than never, right?

This year, I decided I needed to find time in my busy schedule for ME, and I thought creating a blog would be JUST the thing to do.  In March-ish time last year as I was finishing graduate school, I vowed to create fashion and higher education blog to blend two of my greatest loves…but, as we see a year later, it took me quite a while to commit.

I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions for this reason EXACTLY – no follow through! In fact, my former coworker and friend, Ms. Greta Greta, and I have a running joke that we have really good ideas, but they get lost in our lack of follow through (She’ll be REALLY proud of me for actually getting around to it now, though!).

So, here we are – armed with my totally hipster MacBook Pro ready to join the blogger culture.  Be prepared for lots of mirror selfies of me in outfits I believe to be fierce.  Fashion (and selfies for that matter) can seem very vein, and trust me, I know there are MUCH bigger issues in this world that should demand our attention; however, I think it is also important to be confident in yourself and to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy.  We all have insecurities.  As much as I LOVE Beyonce, I do not look in the mirror at 6:30 a.m. as I get up for work feeling like a diva who “woke up like this” (however, my alarm does play Diva by: Beyonce, and I highly suggest you give THAT a try because I’m usually feeling like a female version of a hustla by sunrise), but I am a firm believer in the mantra “look good, feel good.”  If a cute outfit and Instagram filter boost your confidence, then I support that. #loveyourselfie

Moving on to part two of the blog – I feel very grateful to have found my professional passion in the field of higher education.  Being able to say at 24 years old that I genuinely love the field I work in is very special…and it absolutely makes me a complete nerd.  In grad school, I was the student that not only read EVERY assigned reading, but also highlighted and took notes in the margins.  I hope to share my thoughts and experiences while generating conversation with you about other relevant topics in the field.

Part three of the blog – There will be other topics in this blog outside of fashion and higher education, but those will be TBD.

This blog is about a resolution to invest some time into me this year – to actually take the time to sit, reflect, and share my thoughts rather than my usual “I’m too busy to even think” way of life.  If you’re reading this and have gotten all the way to this point, thank you.  No earth shattering information has been provided to you, but I appreciate the time you took to open this and read – we’ll see where this all goes!

Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions…starting in February!

Oh, and I had been saving this photo from January for my 1st blog post! Here you go:

Get the look: Plaid dress pants & moto jacket from Express (naturally). Hipster glasses found at Mojo’s Piano Bar in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.